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2 days after my first encounter with my new black text Jez and the teacher asked me to be ready for him at 7 o'clock. I was instructed to wear high heels stockings, short skirts and low cut blouses. I took my time preparing for it. Phil enjoyed watching me dress for my new master, though surprised, I was dressed seemed ready to go, like me, ' fox ' was in his words. After I finished preparing, Phil handed me an unopened package, ' Jez told me to buy this. ' I asked madhomeclips what it was, madhomeclips but he told me. I took one last look in the mirror I saw fox and the skirt was too short, you can see my storage tops and blouse was a hell of a lot of cleavage. I'm new in his favor rests. A 7 in Jez is installed in your car, left the house in the hope of seeing any of the neighbors dressed as I was, and always in your car, Phil, really do not care if they did. In the car, leaned over and kissed me, squeezed my breast, madhomeclips my godI was so scared that someone might see, but there was nobody outside. Detachment smiled, 'so we have the package ' and we madhomeclips left. I thought we were going directly to their place, but Jez us in a bar in the city. I do not negotiate madhomeclips on this issue, and put a bad feeling, like me, but I was not disobedient to be in the mood for me. When we entered the bar hand in hand I could see the eyes of the guys on me, but I knew it was a part of my new life as his sub slut so I tried my best to relax and enjoy myself. We had a drink found a table and sat down. The bar was busy, so that other couples occupied the table next to us, Jez seemed madhomeclips pleased. ' Phil has as its madhomeclips new look? ' He asked me to know it can be intercepted, 'Yes, sir,' replied. 'Would you give the details of our first night together, all the details? ', 'Yes, sir. ' ' He understands that you own my sub ', ' Yes, sir. ' madhomeclips Women in the other table was breath when he heard that ! I knew that other whbefore hearing, and this prompted him. His hand rested on my knee started to caress my inner thigh works more slowly. When his fingers slipped inside me I fought for my version everyone wants to know at the bar, what you did to keep it. It was a losing battle, to my horror I felt at its highest point, I could not stop and grabbed his arm in waves of intense pleasure shooting through me. I'll try to recover, to avoid the eyes and so we left soon I could feel eyes on me as we went. A little later we were back in place as soon as we entered the room, I was just socks and high heels in front of him. I was there for a short period of time and some pictures of me with his cell phone and sent it to Phil Then he opened the packaging shows me the contents of a string of slavery with nipple clamps, lead, flogger and whip . 'A gift from her husband, a coward of their training to expand my submissive bitch. ' Iknow what to expect, but I was still very nervous but I trusted Jez. The adjustment of the nipple clamps and attached neck, God, hurt but the pain that was a different kind of pleasure very new to me. He assured the head, gagged and I took another picture. Then he took me to the kitchen and leaned over a chair that was placed in the center of the track where I was going. I was completely helpless, completely under your control, and that was heavenly. I was then struck for the first time to begin cautiously, but when the emotion more than two, it hit me harder. The pain was intense, but at the same time, it was amazing to me more joy than ever thought possible. All the time you hit me, calls me names of her 'bitch, bitch... ' When we finally stopped, he pushed his black cock beautiful in my mouth so I can suck him, emptied his seed through my throat. madhomeclips I was then untied and take the stairs. It is used for the next hours and Jezinsulted me, gave me what he called, madhomeclips I know it sounds strange, some of you, but what I want. I went home the next morning full of his generation, and the incredible feeling. I could not, for his next call he hoped I would not wait too long to wait.
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